5 Tasty Tips for Healthy Snacking

5 Tasty Tips for Healthy SnackingWhen family schedules go into overload, healthy eating is easily overlooked. And when time is tight, it’s even more important for snacks to pack a nutritional punch. For busy families on the go, try these healthy snacking tips from chef and registered dietitian Michelle Dudash.

1. Plan Ahead. Carrying family snacks in your purse, car or gym bag while out and about can prevent vending machine and drive-through slip-ups. Apples, California Raisins, nuts and whole-grain crackers serve as great portable options.

2. Find the Perfect Snack Pairings. A blend of nutritious fats, complex carbs and lean proteins can help curb appetites. Consider a cheese stick and pear slices, fruited Greek yogurt or trail mix.

3. Refuel Your Body Naturally. The first 30 minutes after any physical activity is the most critical time for parents and kids alike to replenish the body’s energy stores. Reboot with a natural snack like a handful of California Raisins, which also contains antioxidants and fiber.

4. Curb Those Cravings. A healthy bite after school can keep the kids satisfied until dinner. Try carrot sticks and sugar snap peas dipped in hummus, a strawberry banana smoothie or a brown rice cake spread with natural peanut butter topped with banana slices.

5. Treat Yourself With Decadent Alternatives. Satisfy your chocolate cravings with nutrient-rich combinations, like strawberries dipped in dark chocolate syrup and rolled in slivered almonds or whole-grain crackers with natural chocolate hazelnut spread.

Next time that late afternoon hunger strikes, reach for this sweet and savory “Reboot” Trail Mix with California Raisins!

Afternoon “Reboot” Trail Mix with California Raisins

2 cups cocoa roasted almonds
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1 cup natural California Raisins
1 cup pistachio kernels
1/2 cup golden California Raisins
1/2 cup cashews

Place almonds and cinnamon in large bowl; toss well to coat. Add remaining ingredients and toss again. Store in an airtight container. This recipe may also be prepared with 2 cups of cinnamon almonds tossed with 1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder. Shake off excess cocoa in a colander before mixing with other ingredients.

5 Tasty Tips for Healthy Snacking